High-Paying Jobs Without a Degree for Females

Earning a college degree is not the only path to success in the workforce. In fact, many jobs do not require a formal education beyond high school or even a specific degree. These opportunities can provide females with a chance to enter high-paying fields, learn valuable skills, and advance their careers. Here are 31 examples of such jobs that pay well and offer potential for growth and advancement in 2023, regardless of your academic background or gender:

1. Air Traffic Controller: 

This challenging and important job involves managing the movement of aircraft in the sky and on the ground, ensuring safety and efficiency. The median annual wage is estimated to be $124,540.

2. Sales Representative: 

Sales reps sell products or services to businesses or consumers, using persuasive techniques and customer service skills. The median annual wage is around $63,120.

3. Real Estate Broker: 

Brokers help clients buy, sell, or rent properties, such as homes, land, and commercial buildings. The median annual wage is on average $62,720

4. Computer Support Specialist: 

Support specialists provide technical assistance and troubleshooting for computer users and systems, helping to resolve hardware and software issues. The median annual wage is approximately $53,470.

5. Dental Hygienist: 

Hygienists clean teeth, take X-rays, and provide preventive care to patients, under the supervision of dentists. The median annual wage is $76,220, on average.

6. Firefighter: 

Firefighters respond to emergencies, such as fires, accidents, and medical emergencies, and provide rescue, assistance, and public education. The annual salary is about $54,650.

7. Medical Assistant: 

Medical assistants perform administrative and clinical tasks, such as scheduling appointments, taking vitals, and preparing patients for exams, under the supervision of doctors and nurses. The average annual salary is $34,800.

8. Paralegal: 

Paralegals assist lawyers with legal research, drafting documents, and preparing cases, providing valuable support and expertise. The average wage is about $53,940, annually.

9. Pharmacy Technician: 

Pharmacy technicians work with pharmacists to dispense and record medications, prepare and label prescriptions, and handle customer inquiries and insurance claims. The median annual wage is $44,180.

10. Plumber: 

Plumbers install, repair, and maintain pipes, fittings, and fixtures for water, gas, and sewage systems, ensuring the proper functioning and safety of buildings and homes. The median annual wage is $53,910.

11. Police Officer: 

Police officers enforce laws, protect citizens, and maintain public order, using physical, legal, and interpersonal skills to serve and protect communities. The average annual salary is approximately $65,400.

12. Property Manager: 

Property managers oversee and manage residential or commercial properties, such as apartments, condos, and office buildings, ensuring financial performance and tenant satisfaction. The median annual salary is $59,800

13. Radiation Therapist: 

Radiation therapists use specialized equipment and techniques to deliver radiation treatments to patients with cancer and other conditions, following prescribed protocols and monitoring side effects. The annual wage is $88,570, on average.

14. Respiratory Therapist: 

Respiratory therapists evaluate and treat patients with respiratory disorders, such as asthma, COPD, and sleep apnea, using mechanical ventilation, oxygen therapy, and other methods. The median annual wage is $60,280.

15. Social Worker: 

Social workers help individuals, families, and communities cope with social and emotional problems, such as poverty, abuse, and mental health issues, by providing counseling, support, and referrals. The average annual wage is $50,470.

16. Structural Iron and Steel Worker: 

Iron and steel workers assemble and install iron and steel structures, such as bridges, buildings, and towers, using tools, cranes, and other equipment. The average wage per year is $56,690.

17. Surgical Technician: 

Surgical technicians assist surgeons and nurses during operations, preparing the operating room, sterilizing instruments, and passing items to the surgical team. The median salary is $48,300 per year.

18. Technical Writer: 

Technical writers create clear, concise, and accurate technical documents, such as manuals, guides, and reports, for a variety of audiences and purposes. The median annual wage is $72,850.

19. Veterinarian Technician: 

Veterinary technicians assist veterinarians in diagnosing and treating animals, performing lab tests, administering medications, and caring for patients. The average yearly wage is $35,320.

20. Web Developer: 

Web developers design, build, and maintain websites and web applications, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other programming languages and frameworks. The median annual wage is $73,760.

21. Animal Care and Service Worker: 

Animal care and service workers provide care and supervision for animals, such as pets, livestock, and wildlife, in various settings, such as kennels, shelters, and zoos. The median annual salary is $26,180.

22. Construction Worker: 

Construction workers perform a variety of tasks, such as excavating, grading, framing, and finishing, to construct, repair, and maintain buildings, roads, and other structures. The average salary $39,630 on a year base.

23. Customer Service Representative: 

Customer service reps interact with customers by phone, email, or in person, to answer questions, resolve problems, and provide information and assistance. The median annual wage is $33,750.

24. Electrician: 

Electricians install, repair, and maintain electrical systems, wiring, and equipment, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of homes, businesses, and industries. The median annual wage is $56,180.

25. Flight Attendant: 

Flight attendants ensure the safety, comfort, and satisfaction of passengers on planes, by providing in-flight services, such as food and drinks, and responding to emergencies. The average wage you can get per year is $56,000.

26. Home Health Aide:

Home health aides provide personal and medical care to patients in their homes, such as bathing, dressing, feeding, and administering medications, under the supervision of nurses. The median annual wage is $25,280.

27. Insurance Sales Agent: 

Insurance sales agents sell insurance policies, such as life, health, and property, to individuals and businesses, by assessing their needs and risks. The median annual salary is $50,600.

28. Massage Therapist: 

Massage therapists use touch and various techniques, such as Swedish, deep tissue, and sports massage, to promote relaxation, relieve pain, and improve circulation and mobility. The average annual wage is $44,080.

29. Medical Billing and Coding Specialist: 

Medical billing and coding specialists process and record medical claims and payments, using codes to describe diagnoses, procedures, and services. The median annual salary is $41,630.

30. Medical Laboratory Technician: 

Medical laboratory technicians perform laboratory tests, such as blood counts, cultures, and analyses, to diagnose and monitor diseases and conditions. The median annual wage is $52,330, on average.

31. Personal Trainer: 

Personal trainers design and implement exercise and nutrition programs, based on client’s goals and needs, and motivate and monitor their progress and adherence. The approximate annual wage is $50,380.


These 31 high-paying jobs without a degree in 2023 offer females a variety of career options and opportunities for growth and advancement, regardless of their educational background. They require different skills, knowledge, and experience, and may require certification, licensing, or other qualifications. However, they all offer competitive salaries, job security, and the chance to make a difference in people’s lives and the world. If you are a female looking for a fulfilling and rewarding job, consider exploring and pursuing these possibilities, and don’t let the lack of a degree hold you back.

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